Greystones Na Clocha Liatha” is a coastal town and seaside resort. It has a population of 18.140. Originally it was a small fishing village, but it has grown significantly over the years but has not lost its friendly and welcoming village atmosphere.

In 2008, Greystones was named as the world’s ‘most liveable community’ at the LivCom Awards in China.  has a population of 18,140 (2016).

How is the town?

Greystones’ cove and beach have made it an ideal holiday destination and the perfect place to relax, soak up some sun rays and have a swim in the Irish sea during summer.

The food scene in Greystones is vibrant, to say the least. You can check out popular places like ‘The Happy Pear’ or ‘The Hungry Monk’.

Also,Greystones has a really big park where you can relax, take a coffe or play. You can see all the town using google maps!

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